What We Do at Pragmatic Labs

The mission at Pragmatic Labs is to provide high-quality software development & consulting services to our clients that are the best in the industry. Our highly experienced, expert team will design and build your software solution quickly and accurately.

We will make sure your final product is reliable, bullet-proof and looks as great as it works. Your solution will be as custom as you and your business, designed to work exactly as you would like in your environment and ending the need to try and fit your business process into an off the shelf solution.

We firmly believe in having no surprises in the development and delivery of software solutions. This means that we work closely with you through the entire process with clear and concise communications and a high level of transparency. Whether you are a veteran at designing solutions or just starting out with a few notes on a napkin, we'll work together and guide you through to the end.

Custom Softare Development


The team at Pragmatic Labs has extensive experience and a pretty long list of technologies and programming languages where we have knolwedge. Our detailed design specs, iterative agile development process, large code library and a resourceful team enable use to build solutions solid solutions quickly and accurately.

Web Applications

Our team has a broad range and deep experience creating highly scalable, hosted web applications. We create intutitive and desktop-like web apps by leveraging technologies such as javascript, jQuery, HTML5 and JSON to name a few.

Cloud Applications

We can help with cost effective hosting and environments by utilizing cloud computing. Wether you are just starting out or scaling up, cloud costs adjust with your use.

Web Services / API

We are well versed in multiple technologies and protocols for communicating information and integrating with external applications programmatically. Providing a web service or API from your application allows external parties to further automate business processes for added efficiencies.


Having a solid foundation in a data store is important for maintaining information and accessing it effeciently. We can help with designing the structure, maintenance and fine tuning to ensure your data is safe, meaningful and highly accessible.

Analytics / Reporting

Our team understands the importance of reporting an analytics. We have experience in technologies and methods for creating and viewing data wether it be hard number crunching or visual appealing charts and graphs.

Mobile Applications

We can help you create mobile applications for phones and tablets on multiple platforms, and help guide you through the decision process of native applications, multiple platforms and responsive web designs.